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The Mall X
The Mall X
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The Mall X

About This Project

eCommerce has always been destination led, with brands building eCommerce stores and spending a lot of time and energy trying to get customers interested in visiting. But what if you could deliver your eCommerce experience to where your customers already are? Such as the games, apps and content sites they are most passionate about or even at their favorite sports events and concerts?


That’s what The Mall X does. It’s a ‘Contextual Commerce Platform’. Meaning that we deliver contextually relevant products to customers when they are most likely to purchase them. Whether that’s an in-app purchase of sneakers while the consumer watches their favorite player in a sports streaming app or  a NFC tag on the back of the seat in front of them while they watch a match or attend a concert.


The best thing? The sale goes straight back to your eCommerce store, where you process payment and fulfill the order.